The Invention of the Armoured Vehicles

The increasing demand for bulletproof vehicles is nothing new. Broadly speaking, the demand for Armoured vehicle can be seen even a few centuries ago. According to latest reports, even though the market for Armoured vehicle is seeing a huge demand over the last few years, the design for the Armoured vehicle was made by Leonardo da Vinci in the year 1485.

As a matter of fact, the forerunner of modern tanks is the Armoured car which was designed by Leonardo. The car he designed was competent to move in any directions. Moreover, it was equipped with a wide range of weapons.  In fact, the car was designed in such a way that it could scare the opposing army.armoured vehicle

However, the design that Leonardo came up with had many flaws. For instance, the cranks and gears won’t work. Or, the wheels might move in opposite direction. 400 years later, coming up with the right kind of bulletproof vehicle has been made possible.

Thinking of Armoured Vehicles

It hasn’t been long before people started to think about Armoured vehicles. Heavy tanks were already used by the military officials. However, nowadays the insight for Armoured vehicle has changed totally. Nowadays, the vehicles come with a combustion engine so that the vehicle can remain protected.

Vehicle during World War I

It was during World War I that countries started to equip their vehicle with armor plates. It was done in order to remain protected against the assaults. For instance, the Belgian Armoured car which was used during the world war was also Armoured and equipped with weapons.

However, when speaking about Armoured vehicles, it would be wrong if one doesn’t mention about the White Model 1917 4×2 Armoured car. Even being a heavyweight vehicle, it was armed with a .30 caliber machine gun. Moreover, unlike other military Armoured vehicle, this vehicle was powered by five horsepower, four cylinders which helped to attain great speed.  Even though this was field tested, it never entered the production line.

armoured vehicle

Limited to Warfare

Although Armoured vehicles were mostly used on the Western fronts, it was mostly limited for trench warfare. This was because operating the vehicle was very easy even on uneven terrains. It can be stated that the vehicles were extensively used for cavalry purposes.

During the 1930’s one got to see the popular Bonnie and Clyde’s car. Unlike the other Armoured vehicles, this car became popular among the people. Important personnel’s were seen to go for this vehicle in order to remain protected. In fact, studies have shown that Armoured vehicle were mainly used by the British army for policing purposes at various outposts. However, during the World War, it was widely used at that time.

Nowadays, the role of the Armoured vehicle is not only used for policing purposes. Important personnel’s are also using this vehicle in order to remain protected from any kind threats. Many luxurious vehicles are now being Armoured so that it can protect the occupants from assaults.

armoured vehicle

The invention of Armoured vehicle has not only helped important personnel but also military officials to deal with tense situations very easily. With the vehicles, one can remain greatly protected.